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Roofing is integral to building construction, providing safety and protection from weather conditions. Whether you are renovating or reconstructing your home or replacing an old, leaky roof of a commercial building, for the best kind of roofing Krewstown Philadelphia roofers with years of experience are the best if you live nearby. Call Reiter Roofing today at 215-335-9999 Over 30 years of experience in roofing philadelphia.

Although asphalt roofs are the best for most people in the U.S. because of their availability and affordability, there are many other types of roofing to consider. Wooden toppers are the most expensive roofing solution, whereas slate tiles are the most durable. Therefore, you must keep your requirements and climate in mind while choosing the best suitable roofs. Also, your budget plays a vital role in selecting a roofing solution.

Here are the types of roofs to consider for a residential or industrial building-

  1. Composite Asphalt Shingles
    These are one of the most popular roof choices because they are inexpensive yet durable and easy to install. These shingles can cost around $2 to $6 per square foot. The best part is that these are recyclable. You can use them again in making pavements or driveways. Asphalt shingles last up to 30 years with the proper maintenance. These are generally efficient in most weather conditions.
  2. Metal Roofs
    Metal roofs are a well-accepted solution for roofing as these are easy to find in the market, give your home a modern touch, and last long. The metals used are primarily aluminum, zinc, copper, etc. Metal roofs capture the heating from the sun, significantly reducing the energy bill. Although metals resist water, fire, and punctures, they can get rusty. You can go with multiple color choices matching the overall aesthetics of the building. Most importantly, metal roofs require low maintenance. For metal roofing, Krewstown Philadelphia roofers can give you an idea of the estimate per square foot.
  3. Wooden Roofs
    Wooden roofs are hands down the best to fit into any aesthetic finish. If you appreciate log cabins and rustic homes, this could be the best choice for you. Wood could be prone to insect attacks, water damage, and fire. Thus, treat your wooden roof well, depending on the climate. If you live near forests, go with pine, Cedar, or redwood building materials, as they can repel insects. The best part about wooden roofs is that they are environment-friendly and durable. However, these are high-maintenance, and you must ensure they are maintained well to prevent damage.
  4. Clay Tiles
    Making its way from ancient Chinese architecture, clay tiles have been popular as a roofing solution for years. The initial installation cost is a little higher, about $10 to $18, but they last up to 100 years if maintained well. Clay tiles are great for hot climates as they prevent the house from getting hot. Apart from that, these are also fire-proof. The cons are that these are prone to impact damage and might need extra support to hold on to their weight. For clay tiles roofing Krewstown Philadelphia roofers with expert knowledge are required.

To conclude, you must evaluate your climate and budget to select one of these roof styles. So, make sure you do proper research before choosing one.