Philadelphia Roof Leak Mold Remediation

It’s extremely important to protect your home from roof leaks and mold, as having these can cause structural issues and just general discomfort during poor weather. In addition to this, the growth of mold is unsightly and can cause allergic reactions in some people. The only prevention for mold is by changing the conditions in which its growth its promoted.

The conditions that are ideal for the production of mold are:

  • a temperature between around 40 and 100 degrees Fahrenheit
  • mold spore
  • nutrients (that are contained on most surfaces)
  • moisture (standing water and humidity etc)


Indoor and outdoor air are almost guaranteed to contain some spores. On top of this, the majority of common building materials contain nutrients that are also enriched by dirt.


Making sure that all surfaces are properly disinfected and clean at all times is a great way to combat the formation of mold. However, it is impossible to completely remove all nutrients even with excessive cleaning. To do this, the removal of all moisture is required.


Any wet surfaces or puddles around your home are obvious forms of moisture that are controllable and can be removed to help in the reduction of mold growth. Using materials that absorb moisture and also with the use of dehumidifiers and even just living in a climate that has little humidity are great tools to fight mold as well.

Protection against leaks

Installation of your roof is a time where a lot of errors can occur in regards to leaks. It’s very important at this stage that if you’re using shingles, that they properly adhere to the roof. Nails and roof tar are both great extras to use to keep the ends of the shingles from peeling up, and therefore causing a leak. These potentially exposed areas of roofing are where leaks primarily occur.

Clearing debris from your roof is also another essential way to fight leaks from occurring. Cleaning at least once a year, using a power washer or a broom to remove excess dirt and debris such as leaves, tree branches, and other material that have fallen onto your roof. Unfortunately there aren’t any particular chemicals that can be used to prevent leaks on your roof that are readily available and cost efficient, so it really comes down to just management during the installation phase as well as maintenance with cleaning.

Overall, taking care of your roof is one of the most important ways to ensure a happy and healthy home. If you are under the unfortunate circumstances that you’ve already had the roof installation take place, and it wasn’t done up to a particular standard, then you might need to call in a roof repair specialist to help you out. Repair your roof now by calling Reiter at 215-335-9999. Reiter Roofing Philadelphia has been repairing roofs in Philadelphia for 30 years, and has excellent service to fix the problems you need in a friendly and efficient manner.