A good roof on your head is the best way to protect your home. Contractors at Reiter Roofing in philadelphia have always been professionally repairing and installing roofs in Philadelphia over 20 years now.

Re-roofing is a major undertaking and expensive. It is also time consuming. Before performing re-roofing, Make sure you know all the task involved.Here are the six things you need to know before re-roofing from Reiter Roofing.

Types of Roofing Materials
There is always introduction of new roofing materials on the market. For instance, if the last time you had your house re-roofed around 15 years ago, then it’s a good idea to consider what is in the market today. Apart from the traditional shingles, there are very attractive metal roofs which give the appearance of some other materials, and also, there are architectural shingles which are far much better than traditional asphalt if performance and looks compared. As expected, new materials are expensive than traditional once but not only do they last longer but also very appealing.

Stripping or Layering
In a case at the moment you have asphalt shingles on your roof, depending on what’s on your roof, you might have a choice in proceeding with the new shingles. The maximum layers of asphalt shingles you can have on your roof is two. Layering can save on installing cost. The limitation to this layering is that you can only do this once. Also, you will be stripping if you live in areas with high winds and if shingles adhere directly to the roof better than to each other.

It would be loud
You should keep in mind that re-roofing is loud. The stripping and scraping off old shingles and also the installation and hammering of new shingles causes a lot of noise which can affect children and pets as they are sensitive to sounds. You need to find a place for them away from your home. Apart from that, make sure your car is out of driveway or garage since many shingles required for your roof requires more space than you expect and you might find yourself blocked inside.

Proper installation
You should know the whole process before letting the roofers start re-roofing.Ensure you know if they are layering or stripping, take care to trim appropriate areas and whether or not height difference would occur if they are re-roofing some parts only. Roofers having good reputation would always let you know what they would do before starting.

Be an informed Homeowner
You can’t leave anything to chance since re-roofing is a big investment. You ought to stay informed as much as possible so that you can make right decisions. Ensure that you are happy with the results for years. At the end of it all, your roof would last for around 20 to 30 years.

Get a contract
The first thing before having a roofer up your roof is to ensure that you have a contract that correctly explains what you have agreed on.These include the right color, the type of shingles and the areas worked. It should also contain the job details such as layering, strip or flashing. To ensure you get a trusted contractor, get referrals and also ask all the questions you would need to know.

Ensure you know the warranty of your roof. You should also know what the warranty covers. Since new roof is a high investment in your home, warranty is important in an event a problem emerges. Therefore, ensure its taken care of correctly and in a good way.

Since every roof have different challenges such as type of shingles, type of roof and pitch of the ceiling, Reiter Roofing provides a true estimate of roof repair needs and on-site inspection. The only way to prevent damage to valuable items inside your house and also the outside of your home caused by water and the wind is by installing a roofing system correctly. Reiter Roofing offers free roof inspection and thus if your roof might need inspection, you need to save your home before roof repairs become costly.