Roof Shingles Colors Most Popular

What are the roof shingles color that are most popular in 2022? Selecting the correct color of shingle for your house does not need to be a difficult decision, and we’re here to help.


Picking the right color for your house has many benefits including;


  • Curb appeal
  • Pride of ownership
  • Improved aesthetics
  • Making your property stand out

When you decide to change your roof shingles most often people tell us to use the same color they had. But there are a ton of options out on the market today.


Some things to consider when selecting the right color for your home.

What style is your home?

If your home is a more modern design you will want to consider modern colors. Black and white often prove popular. Modern homes typically use bold colors that complement the rest of the building. Often modern homes have metal siding and coordinating colors is important.

If you have an older colonial style home you will want to consider some of the more traditional colors like Barn Red, or Weathered Wood from GAF. These colors match more traditional building materials like brick and stucco.


Where is your home located?

If you live in a warmer climate like the south, or out west, you will want to go with a lighter color shingle that will help to reflect some of that hot summer sun away from your building. White shingles are popular in these areas for that reason.
If you live up north where it is colder for a large portion of the year, you will want to go with a darker color which may help to retain heat in the winter and serve to melt snow faster. Because these areas typically have more rainfall and lower temperatures don’t dry everything as quickly darker colors will help to hide algae and mildew growth.

Technology can help

In 2022 there are numerous tools to help you select a shingle color. You don’t need to be a design expert, or a photoshop wizard to see what your house may look like with a different color scheme on it. tools like GAF’s virtual home remodeler can help you select the shingle color that is right for you.

Here are some links to get you started;

Click here to Try the Virtual home remodeler.

Check out the GAF Style guide here.

Check out the Tamko Shingle color selection


What colors were most popular this year

Probably because of the area we are located in there is one clear winner.
GAF Weathered wood or a medium brown color from other manufacturers is almost always out most popular.

This is almost always closely followed by Charcoal Black.

In recent years we have seen a lot of people request shingles in the blue color family, like Biscayne Blue from GAF.

Other color options include reds, greys, greys and greens.


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