There isn’t any better way of protecting your home than choosing the right philadelphia roofing material and installing the right roof. The city of Philadelphia is characterized by snowfalls and freezing temperatures which in most cases results in ruthless winter. Property-owners/homeowners in Philadelphia know fully well that weather can cause stress to different parts of the house. The question here therefore is; how can you prevent against it? Well, the answer is simple: it is by choosing the right roofing material.Choosing the right roofing material for your home will help keep your home warm and safe all throughout the season. Here is a list of some of the best roofing material for Philadelphia homesMetal roofing Whereas metal roofing is less popular as compared to materials such as asphalt shingles, it is still one of the best roofing materials in this area. It also has a fair share of its benefits. One such benefit is its ability to regulate homes temperature. Metals are known to reflect sunlight which is also useful in melting the snow falling on your roof. Moreover, metal roofing allows the snow to slide off hence reducing the risk of ice dams and leakages.Well maintained metal roofing can last for several years (approximately 40 -75 years or even more). Even though metal roofing is relatively expensive, the installation process doesn’t require extra modifications. It also has appealing outlook that further enhance your home general appearance.Asphalt Shingles For areas that frequently experience cold climate, asphalt shingles is the best option for your roofing material. Its ability to absorb sunlight helps in controlling your homes’ temperature. It is also a strong material and therefore it can support the weight of snow. Most property and homeowners prefers this roofing material because, apart from being durable, it is also economical. Additionally, asphalt shingles is known for its basic and simple installation process and therefore no structural support or special installation tools are required.Modified Bitumen Modified bitumen is basically asphalt but with additional polymers that helps in providing protection and enhancing the roof durability. With Modified Bitumen, roof replacement can be done after approximately 10-15 years.Slate Slates are fairly good in withstanding cold temperatures however, it is a heavy material and therefore your roof may require some reinforcement with structural support. Another drawback of slate roofing is the fact that they are prone to cracks especially when exposed to cold temperature for a longer period. However, there is some modern synthetic slates that are not only durable (can withstand cold temperatures without cracking) but are also lighter and therefore they do not require structural reinforcement. They are also relatively cheap and stylish.When selecting the best roofing material for your home, there are three important things that you should bear in mind; the weather condition in your area, aesthetic value and budget. If you are still not sure what roofing material to use in your home, you can always contact us. We can also assist you with your roof repairs, roof replacements as well as roof installation