When it comes down to it, the roof of our home is a generally overlooked and forgotten aspect of our residence. We tend to just hope that it will do its job without putting in much effort to see that it is in good working order and state of repair. This is rather surprising particularly in view of a roof’s vital importance to the health,  appearance, and value of the home.Savvy home owners know the value of consistent care and maintenance of their roof will pay off handsomely in the long run. Finding a philadelphia roofing company that provides a range of services in your local area is the first step in ensuring your roof stays in fine condition. Services you can expect include:Roof Restoration Increasing numbers of property owners are choosing to extend the life of their roof and keep it looking in top condition with roof restoration. The process starts with a complete clean to remove dirt build-up and algae with a high pressure water hose. This is followed by an inspection to identify any damages that need repairing such as chipped tiles. Finally a brand new sealer coat is applied and the roof is protected from sun damage, leaks, and against future repairs being needed.Re Roofing Your local roofing specialist will be able to advise if a complete new roof is the best solution and discuss the many options which are available. They will be familiar with the types that are most popular in your area and can give you the pros and cons of each of them.  Many factors including the architectural style of the home and the pitch of the existing roof will need to be considered.Roof Inspections These are important particularly when selling a home. Buyers are always sure to check that the roof is in good condition before losing the deal. It would be really disappointing to have a roofing issue arise during home inspection and prevent the sale of the property.Roof Repairs Take note of the little signs that indicate that the roof may need some attention. Leak spots or water stains on the ceiling and walls are sure signs that need immediate attention. Taking action early on prevents the need for a more costly and extensive repair down the track.Easy Solution Everyone wants a safe roof overhead not only for comfort and protection from the elements but to keep their property in top condition. Maintaining your roof should be a routine part of house up-keep. The easiest and best way to do this is to hire a local roofing specialist who offers a range of services that will keep your roof in absolute tip top condition.