Leaking roofs can pose a great threat to any home or business premises, both in terms of damage to property and bodily injury, which may unfortunately even turn fatal.

A leaking roof can result in easy to imagine losses, but the real danger lies in the chain reaction that may result from those seemingly few drops. Allow me to point out some of the dangers of avoiding roof leak repair(s):


Yes, a roof leak is very similar to a tear on one of your clothes, which if ignored, only gets bigger and bigger. Those few drops could very easily turn into a steady stream. Remember, a stitch in time saves nine!

In the end, you’ll find yourself paying more for the roof repairs than if you’d had done so much sooner.


Water from a leaking roof can offset a myriad of hazardous incidents and losses, more than someone could possibly pinpoint down to a specific number. However, some of the most common or probable scenarios would be:

-Damage to electronic gadgets and equipments. Water that eventually finds it’s way into their circuitry might result in cases of “short circuits”. You may incur huge expenses for their repair.

-Electrocution. If the water finds its way into any source of electricity or electronic gadget, then your family and visitors or work staff and customers are at risk of being electrocuted. That puddle on the floor or water that’s snaking down your wall could be highly charged! Switching on the lights could mean “lights out” for you!

-Roof caving in. A leak in your roof can be a symptom of something very serious, like too much pressure or stress on a certain section of your roof. Ignoring it could result in a sudden cave-in that could be very disastrous to both humans and property alike. However, an early attempt to have it fixed can result in an expert diagnosing and sorting out the issue before things get that serious. Wood might also rot and splinter after contact with the water from the leak. This too may result in a cave-in.

Also, the water and wood can end up being a mold habitat, which can cause or aggravate already existing breathing problems.

Furthermore, simply ignoring a leak amounts to negligence on your part, and that may be sufficient grounds for your insurance provider to deny you any or some compensation for losses incurred!

So, immediately you spot a leak on your roof, don’t ignore it and don’t attempt to fix it on your own!

Call a roof leak repair philadelphia expert because:

1.They are professionally trained to identify the cause of the leak and deal with it. This is especially important in avoiding recurring leaks!

2.They will get it done in the quickest time possible.

And a quick tip; Please do settle for roofing experts that guarantee their work, for example Reiter roofing! This demonstrates the high levels of confidence that they have in their work! Also do remember to check customer ratings and reviews, just so you know the kind of people your getting into business with!

So, don’t take any chances, have that leak attended to today! Cheers!