Reiter Roofing Inc is a local roofing contractor in Philadelphia that specializes in the installation, maintenance and repair of roofing, siding, skylights, gutters and more. The owner of the company, Barry Reiter, has been in the roofing business for 47 years. Over that impressive length of time, Barry has gained a superior knowledge in what you should and should not do when it comes to roof repair.Here are nine helpful tips from Barry Reiter himself that may help you out if you are faced with a costly roof repair .Have Your Roof Sealed and Coated Keeping your roof sealed and coated will help to prevent leaks from occurring. It will also help to protect your roof from damage. Reiter Roofing adds a layer of reflective coating to each roof that they seal and coat so that UV rays from the sun are reflected from the roof’s surface, making the home cooler while also protecting your roof from damage.Find a Roofing Company that Offers a Guarantee When a company offers a guarantee on repair work, they truly stand behind the quality of the work that they do. Reiter Roofing offers a guarantee to their customers on all roof repairs as long as the company feels that the repair is useful.Install New Shingles During the Summer In order to avoid shingles sticking up after installation, homeowners should choose to have them installed during the summer. The heat from the sun will cause the shingle material to soften and lie flat against the roof. However if the shingles are cold due to lower temperatures, they will often be stiff from being in storage, causing them to stand up temporarily. Why Not to Use Your New Flat Roof as an Outdoor Patio It is possible to use a flat roof as a deck however it is not the safest addition to a home and generally not recommended by contractors. There can be countless other drawbacks involved such as waterproofing the area attached to the home or how to place entry doors that will lead to the roof.How to Keep a Roof Deck Safe Adding a roof deck to your home can be a challenge and something that you do not want to go into blindly. If you are unsure about the safest ways to add a roof deck to your home, be sure to contact a professional.Hot Tar or Rubber Roofing, Which is the best option? The cost of hot asphalt has gone up significantly in recent years, so much that many contractors have started suggesting that their customers choose rubber roofing over hot tar. Asphalt roofing can be a hassle to install while rubber roofing is much easier and more affordable. It can also be much easier to maintain.Repair Damaged Drywall Before or After Roof Repair? It is always best to wait until after your roof has been repaired to begin work on a any damaged drywall inside your home. The reason is that you want to make sure your roof no longer leaks at all before you begin tearing down drywall and installing new material only to find out that your leak issue has not been resolved.How Can I Fix a Leaky Skylight? Once you have identified the leak, chisel out the old roof tar, cut the felt down to the rock deck and then apply ice and water shield adhesive so that it overlaps the step flashing and the shingles. You may need to also replace your old shingles with new ones. Advice for Summer Roofing Maintenance Always check your roof for splitting or cracking shingles, look for water stains in your eaves and overhangs, check the sealants to make sure they are still in good shape, and take the time to clean out your gutters and downspouts so that water can flow freely away from the roof.