5 roof deck Philadelphia ideas for your home

For those who have chosen the convenience of life in a big city over the vast stretches of suburban life, you’ll find out quickly that what you’ve gained in convenience you have lost in personal space. There are a number of ways to reclaim some space for you and your family or friends. The addition of a roof deck is an increasingly popular housing trend in urban areas and suburban areas alike.

Add Value To Your Home

With the addition of a roof deck, you are reclaiming lost space and re-purposing it as a usable space in the home that adds value and provides a sanctuary of sorts from the world around you. Much like a deck attached to the side or back of your home, a roof deck can be as unique as you like and should be a statement of your character. A roofing philadelphia company is the best choice for installation.

Be Safe!

There is a right way and a wrong way to add a roof deck to your home. Here are some common ideas that will suit most people. Additionally, these ideas are popular without being unoriginal. Before starting work on a new roof deck, consider these five roof deck design ideas:

–          Private Escape: Many older colonial style homes feature a flat tar roof area above the garage or three-season patio, accessible in most cases from the master bedroom. Turning this space into a usable roof deck adds a private escape directly from your master bedroom into the great outdoors.

–          Entertaining Space: For homes with the space and structural support, the addition of seating, a small bar, and a cozy outdoor fireplace/firepit transforms extra roof space into the ultimate entertaining space with a few of the surrounding areas.

–          Water Retreat: Structural support and space are essential for this idea. Many larger roof decks have whirlpools and/or swimming pools installed. An increasingly common pool on roof decks is the infinity pool.

–          Floral Rooftop: Another popular option is to transform that useless rooftop space into a roof deck and garden combination. Putting in a garden adds to the beauty and serenity of the deck, while also offering seating in the perfect space for entertaining.

–          Rooftop Garden: This roof deck concept is particularly popular in big cities. Transforming a roof deck area into a rooftop garden adds beauty and green to the grey and black world of city life. Best of all, it gives you a place to escape while tending your garden with the reward of freshly grown fruits and vegetables.

Those were but a few of the most common roof deck ideas. Whatever you choose to do, the addition of a roof deck will increase the value of your home and give you more space to escape from the world or entertain family and friends. Want more ideas? Contact Reiter Roofing and we will show you plenty.