There are times when you need to hire a roofing company to get a job done. Whether it is for a simple fix or a complete roof replacement, a good roofer can do the job well. There are 10 ways you can use to compare roofers Philadelphia.Years in OperationLook at the number of years they have been in operation. If they just started, they won’t have the experience. If they have been in business for years, it proves they have done a lot of quality work to stay in business.Services OfferedMany roofing companies will offer a wide range of services. They’ll fix your roof and provide gutter systems and siding as well. If they don’t offer many services, they may not be able to give you what you need.CertificationA lot of roofers are certified at what they do. If a company’s roofers are not certified, they may not have the experience needed to repair the roof correctly.PricesIf a company’s prices are too high, you probably won’t be using them. You want a company who knows what they are doing, but you also don’t want to pay a huge amount to have the job done.ReviewsIf the roofer did a great job on a project, the homeowner will want to praise them and let others know how great they are. Bad reviews mean the homeowners were less than impressed with their skills.GuaranteeMany companies have a money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with their work, they won’t charge you. No guarantee says they can do whatever type of job they want and you are forced to pay.CredentialsCheck out the company’s credentials. Are they associated with a trade association? Have they received any awards? If they have, you know they are a reputable company.Insurance CoverageIf the company has insurance coverage that covers your home, then you know they are a good company. No coverage means anything that happens to your home is your own responsibility, and not theirs.Roofing MaterialsRoofing materials are made with different levels of quality. Check to make sure they use high quality materials, and not low quality ones.KnowledgeA good roofer will have knowledge of the roofing system. They will explain things to you as they go along. If they don’t bother explaining things to you, they probably don’t know themselves.Once you have used all 10 of these ways to compare roofers, you will be fully prepared to make the right decision about which roofing company is best for the job. Reiter Roofing company is one of the best choices available. Give them a call at 215-335-9999 for a quote for your roofing repair.