There are many different ways that you can have a roof configured when building your home. You can choose from 10 different types of roofs. These roof types can be used by themselves or in conjunction for an interesting architectural feature. Consider each of the types below that you can use in your building plans.

1.  Pyramid roof. This type of roof is shaped like a pyramid. It is usually use on small areas of the home or on a smaller structure like a garage.

2.  Saltbox roof. This roof type has a long side and a short side. The pitch is asymmetrical, often making the home two stories on one side and one on the other. It is a unique way to build a roof.”

3.  Shed roof. This is a single sloped roof surface. It looks like a flat roof that is on an incline. This roof type is commonly used on just a portion of the home.

4.  Arched roof. The arched roof is only used for small, architectural features on the home. It consists of a gently sloping arch that could be used for a porch or other small area.

5.  Flat roof. The flat roof is flat going all the way across. It is safer if you want to stand on it, but you will need to clean it off regularly.

6.  Hip roof. The hip roof looks exactly like the pyramid roof, but it lacks the point at the top. Instead, there is a flat area. This is also used on smaller structures or on smaller section of roof, and it is more practical.

7.  Bonnet roof. The bonnet roof is similar to the hip or pyramid roof, but the sides slope out at an angle. This roof type is usually used to cover porches or verandas.

8.  Cross gabled roof. This is one of the most common roof type. Gabled roofs are triangular and cover single wings of a home.

9.  Mansard roof. This is a French type of roof that allows for more storage in the upstairs portion of a home. It is made up of four slopes, two on each side. The lower slope is steeper and more vertical than the upper slope.

10.  Gambrel roof. This Dutch inspired roof is similar to the mansard roof. It has vertical gable ends, and parts of the roof hang over the facade of the home. This type of roof is set up for more storage space upstairs as well.

These 10 different types of roofs all offer benefits to the homeowner. Some also have their drawbacks. No matter which type of roof you choose, know that what matters is the quality of the materials and workmanship. Your home will be a unique masterpiece that you can call your own. Contact Reiter for expert rRoofing Philadelphia call 215-335-999