It can be difficult when it comes to finding a qualified roofer in philadelphia who can repair or replace the roof. However, when the time comes to replacing or repairing the roof, it is very advisable to look for a roofer who is qualified in that area. Notably, there are very many roofers who are not experts in roof construction and this makes many people to be confused when it comes to finding a qualified roofer. Therefore, there are some things that someone needs to look for when comparing roofers. The steps below can be used by someone on what to look for when comparing roofers.

Steps to follow when finding a good roofer

There are some steps that someone needs to follow in order to find a good roofer in philadelphia.

Step 1: asking at least three different companies to submit proposals

It is very important to learn from the roofing contractor who looks at the roof and ask as many questions as possible. Notably, it is advisable to take time before making an informed decision and pay careful attention to what each roofer recommends.

Step 2: avoid jumping at the lowest bidder

If all bids for the roof are within 20 percent of each other, then the lowest bid might be okay. However, it is good to compare what each roofer is offering and watch out for the costs and extras that are hidden.

Step 3: making certain the company is properly insured and registered

There are some contractors who work without been registered by the state and it is very important to ask the roofer for his contractor’s registration number in order to know if he has credentials that are legal to operate in the state. However, it is recommended to ask for proof before signing a contract. Therefore, the roofing contractor or roof cleaner should be insured and licensed for both liability and worker’s compensation

Step 4: considering a proposal in writing

Notably, it is advisable for everyone to ask the roofer if he has given an estimate or a bid for an estimate is the best guess for the roofer on what a job will cost. This estimate is given when much of the work to be done is unable to be measured or seen. On the other hand, a bid is a fixed amount of money that is required to do the job.

Step 5: asking when payment is due

It is recommended to ask when payment is due since some roofers require payment before they begin the job, they usually want a percentage up front. Others may request for the full amount to be paid within 10-30 days after they have completed their job.

Step 6: finding out when the job will begin and end

Asking the contractor what can be done, helps someone to get ready and also enables someone to know if the roof will be cleaned by the contractor after the job. However, if the clean- up is not included, then the contractor can be asked to add it in with a contingency of payment.