If you own a house in West Philadelphia, you will probably need to hire a roofing contractor every now and then to fix leaky roofs and keep your shingles well-arrayed. A simple search will reveal the names of many contractors, all of them claiming to be the best in their trade.

But in order to avoid difficulties in the coming rain and snow seasons, you have to make sure that your contractor lives up to the industry’s standards and to your expectations. Reiter Roofing Company is definitely one of the best West Philadelphia roofing contractors, and here’s why.

They’re certified
Reiter Roofing is certified by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), the independent non-profit body that focuses on advancing market trust. BBB has certified that Reiter meets their standards in “product quality or competency in performing services.”

They are also fully insured and licensed by the City of Philadelphia and the surrounding townships.

They fix a wide assortment of roofs

In contrast to many other roofing contractors, Reiter meets the needs of all clients and fixes all sorts of roofs, including:

• Shingle roofs
• Flat roofs
• Rubber roofs

And the products they use are of premium quality, which ensure that once the work is finished, you will not need to worry about fixing your roof anytime soon.

They provide full warranty for their job

Warranty is a must when you’re hiring West Philadelphia roofing contractors involved in the home improvement domain, and you should protect yourself from potential damage. Reiter offers full-warranty for any bad installations or other problems that might arise after the job is done, and they will fix any damage that might occur during the performance.

They have an impeccable staff
The job that Reiter Roofing performs is perfect because they are staffed by fully-qualified professionals. They do not outsource their work to unreliable subcontractors, so you can rest assured that all the job will be done by people who are reliable in their work and unrivaled in their skills.

They have reasonable prices

The prices that Reiter offers are very reasonable in comparison to other West Philadelphia roofing contractor companies. And they do not ask for a huge down-payment. So you can get the job done quickly, with high quality and rest assured that you’re dealing with professionals who are committed to provide customer satisfaction.

They have a long list of satisfied customers

When you’re about to entrust your home improvement job to a contractor, you have to make sure that the contractor in question can deliver on time and with the quality required by the trade. Fortunately, in the case of Reiter Roofing, the company has a long reference of satisfied customers who are ready to testify that it has done a marvelous job for them. Just visit the company’s website and go to the references section and make a call to any of the company’s past customers.

They do more than just roof repair

The company does name itself Reiter Roofing, but there’s more to it than just putting shingles on your roof, and it has a full array of other home improvement services, which makes it a good candidate if you have a full renovation plan in mind. Some of these services include:

• Wood & Metal Cornice Repairs
• Rafter / Beam Repairs
• Vinyl Siding
• Sister Joists
• Custom Bent Metal
• Sheet Metal Work
• Custom Bent Capping
• Exterior Carpentry Work
• Gutter Systems / Skylights
• Barge Board & Fascia Board Repairs
• Slate Repairs & Restoration
• Historic Restoration and Millwork