Roofing materials can be as varied as there are roofers. In order to proceed with your roofing project you should investigate both roofers and materials that will work best for you.

With there being so many types of roofing materials available, be sure to ask what the best roofer materials are for you and your job. They can be:

• Spanish tile
• Metal
• Shingles
• Clay

Traditionally roof repair philadelphia is done because there is a problem such as a leaking. Some causes of a leaking roof can occur at any age of your roof dependent as to why it is leaking. Leaking roofs may be caused by:

• Cracked flashing
• An buildup of ice or standing water
• Gutters in need of cleaning
• A cracked chimney
• Broken shingles

Each one of these conditions may cause your roof to leak. Leaking roofs can be identified through the actual leak itself or through a musty smell and/or mold.

Hot tar, once a mainstay of roofing is an expensive and odoriferous method of roof repair. It is also a material that needs to be applied at 100 degree temperatures making it dangerous as well. The hot asphalt for the most part has been replaced by a lower cost bitumen membranes which are easy to install and easier to identify roof disrepair with.

How to repair your roof:

• To detect a leaking roof you can find the signs via water stains in your home either in your ceiling or down your walls. To find the direct location of the leak you can either use running water on your roof or remove shingles.

Once you have determined the cause of your leak as shown above you will need the following materials:
• Plumbing nails
• Siding and/or roof caulking
• Metal flashing
• Hammer
• Caulk gun
• Tin snips
• Putty knife
• Cordless drill
• Replacement shingles

Any or all of these materials may be required dependent on the cause of your roof leak.

• Shingle repair – is one of the easiest repairs to find and to make to your roof. Find the shingle(s) that are curled up and appears to be damaged and reattach the shingle by using roof cement or caulking.

Step 1 Remove the damaged shingle

Step 2 – Slide new shingle in the empty space and place under the shingle from the
row above.

Step 3 – Using roofing nails nail down each corner.

Always check your flashing around dormers and chimneys. These may require caulking. It is advisable to cover any exposed nail heads with roof cement.

Flat, shake and metallic roofs present a different set of variables in repairing and should most likely be repaired or replaced by an expert like Reiter Roofing Inc. The same would apply should you find that the wood in your roof is rotted or in great disrepair.

Roof material repairs and replacement may not be what you are qualified to do, therefore making a search for a reputable roofer like Reiter Roofing would be in order. Most often word of mouth is one of the best sources.