It’s important to ensure that your roof is in a good condition before the winter season.Remember to clean the roof and assess any kind of damages that might require repairs. Repairing your roof ensures that your family is safe during winter and also it is able to stay in place through out the winter. Roofs mostly get damaged during winter due to the cold temperatures and the heavy snow. There are various tips that might help you when doing roof repairs so as to protect your family when winter comes. A roofer in philadelphia can help you at any time.


First and foremost, you must consider doing a thorough inspection of the roof. Check for any broken shingles, broken or missing tiles, cracked flashings and any other types of cracks. If left un-repaired, these cracks might lead to further damage which might put you at a great risk during winter. If there are water-spots on the ceiling, it could be an indication of a leakage on the roof. Check the inside of the roof also. Inspect the rafters for breakages or looseness. There might also be loose nails which may cause rafters and shingles to be loose. Inspect whether the roof coating is worn out. Inspect multi-level roof intersections with walls. There could be openings which might allow water to pass through.


Roof repairing can be hard but if the damages are minor, you can do the repair yourself. However,if the whole roof needs to be repaired, you can hire a roof contractor who will do the work for you. Ensure that you replace all damaged shingles and tiles. Damaged loose rafters should be nailed in place. Ensure that all holes that might lead to water leakage are sealed properly.


In most cases, clogged gutters usually cause severe damage to the roof. First, thoroughly clean the gutter and remove any materials that might be stuck. Repair any damages and ensure that the gutters are properly fastened and also replace those that might have breakages or those that are too old.


Roof coating is important as it offers protection. Applying a roof coating extend your roof’s life and at the same time protecting it from the harshness of the winter. If you find that your roof’s coating is worn out and brittle, apply a multi-ply membrane which is more protective than a single-ply. Coating helps also protect the roofing metal which would otherwise rust with due to the winter moisture.


It’s good to ensure that the caulking is properly done. Caulking is important as it increases the durability of the roof. During inspection, make sure that you check the caulkings and make necessary repairs where needed. Caulkings prevent water from running into cracks which can damage the roof and the inside area.


These are metal strips used to waterproof and seal areas of the roof where the plane is interrupted. They protect sidings and framings where the exterior meets the deck. If you find any problems with the flashings, do the necessary repairs in preparation for the winter season.


In the case of damaged roof vents, consider replacing them as caulking will not be of any help.

Ensuring that the roof repairs are correctly done minimizes the risks that are more common during winter.