Summer Roofing Philadelphia Maintenance and Repair | 9 Tips

Your roofing philadelphia is very important and keeping it in top shape in summer months can help you avoid costly repairs. Here are some great things you can do yourself so that you can keep your roof in great condition.

1.   Clean all your gutters and downspouts to make sure that water can freely flow through them without blockage.

2.     Make sure to check your roof for splitting and cracking and shingles that are missing.

3.     Be sure to check for clutter behind skylights

4.     Make sure fans and vents are in running order.

5.     Check all your sealants to make sure they are in top shape.

6.     Be sure to block places where small creatures can take up residence.

7.    While on your roof take photos of before and after to make sure nothing has changed since your last check.

8.    Mold damage can occur quickly so make sure nothing is moldy or damaged from mold and if there is mold damage begin to repair issues quickly.

9.    Be sure to check your eaves and overhangs for stains resulting from water.


Inspecting your roof can be dangerous and knowing where and how to step on your roof can be imperative to ensuring damages do not occur just from inspection. Getting a professional roof inspection to help in this venture can be cost efficient. You can also have them check with expertise for the problems that might occur in the future from tale tell signs that will show from inspection.


Doing a routine maintenance check on your roof every spring can save you money and time. If you need a roofing professional to help you in doing these tasks there are great roofing professionals that will fit your needs for a maintenance program. If you are going to attempt to do these maintenance tasks yourself be sure to follow these tips.

·         Make sure you use proper safety equipment.
·         Make sure you have a steady ladder.
·         Have someone do this with you as a precaution.
·         Make sure to know where to step so that you do not cause damage from the inspection.
·         Use fall protection equipment to inspect so you do not fall and harm yourself in the process.

Reiter roofing is here for you if you have questions regarding your roofing needs and concerns. If you find that you have repairs that are needed our experts can quickly determine the amount of damage and work within your budget. Our experts can quickly check your roof for you at a very affordable price keeping you in check with your roof maintenance. Call today and we can have our experts help you with your roofing maintenance needs or questions on what you need to look for when examining your roof.

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