Regular maintenance can prolong the usefulness of a roof to its maximum extent, but it is not an all-powerful solution. Some problems with a roof can be fixed, but others can build up over time to become serious threats to its structural well-being. With sufficient passage of time, choosing to repair the roof becomes a lost cause, meaning that it is less expensive in the long run for the homeowner to schedule replacement roofing philadelphia.

Here are some of the signs that suggest it might be time for you to replace your roof with something new:

  • The sun is one of the most serious sources of damage to the roof. In part, this is because UV radiation can cause the material of the roof to become brittle, making it unable to keep out moisture. However, constant exposure to the sun is also problematic because it heats up the material, which can cause shingles to curl and crack. Such shingles are unable to protect the contents of the home from the elements, while also being extra-susceptible to wind lift-up and similar problems. There is no solution with which to prolong the usefulness of curled and cracked shingles – homeowners must replace either the roof or the part of the roof that has suffered so much damage.
  • Other than causing shingles to become brittle, heat is also problematic because it leads to thermal shock. In short, heated materials expand but contract once cooled, leading to serious strain on afflicted materials. Extremes in temperatures can even cause the metal components of a roof to come apart, while inflicting cosmetic damage on the paint. There is no simple solution to the problem of excess heating. In some cases, vents can be installed to improve the ventilation of the space right beneath the roof, but in some others, more serious renovations are needed to eliminate the problem.
  • Shingles have granules on their surface to protect against a number of common threats. Over time, said granules can fall off for a number of reasons, ranging from flowing water to simple wear and tear. Once the granules have fallen off, it becomes easier for UV radiation to crack and curl shingles, while algae, fungi, and other organic materials can set in. Dark spots are a common sign that the granules have fallen off, though homeowners can also check for the same using the water flowing through the gutters. In most cases, shingles that have lost their granules must be replaced, while infestation can require replacement of the structure of the roof.
Before you choose to either repair or replace your roof, it is a good idea to solicit the opinion of skilled and experienced roofers. Not only can they provide you with solid advice, but they can also help you with the actual work that needs to be done.