Reiter Roofing Inc. has been in the field of repairing and installing roofs throughout Philadelphia for more than 20 years now. Our work has been excellent and our clients never seize to praise us. Not only do we have the best-trained and well-experienced roofing professionals, but also we use the best equipment and products available to ensure that our work is fast and our clients are completely satisfied. Hiring Reiter Roofing Inc contractors. means that you get your roofing problems solved on time, as expected and at a reasonable cost.

Services We Provide

Reiter Roofing Philadelphia now offers more services than ever before. There has been an expansion of services and now include custom metalwork and exterior carpentry. In addition, the company is doing all roofing types and roof repairs:

· Rafter beam repairs
· Wood and metal cornice repairs
· Shingle roofs
· Flat roofs
· Rubber roofs
· Sister joints
· Vinyl joints
· Custom bent metal
· Custom Bent Capping
· Skylights/ Gutter Systems
· Barge Boards and Fascia Board repair
· Historic Restoration & Millwork
· Slate Repairs and Restoration

Benefits of Hiring Our Professionals

Well Trained Professionals
We have proper insurance meaning that you will never become the “general contractor” responsible for any damage within your home or injured employees.

Roof Warranty
We offer workmanship warranties such that in case of any installation problems arising then we can take care of them. However, we have never received any complaints regarding problems such as improper installations, moisture condensation, inadequate attic ventilation, or improper nail placement simply because our roofing contractors are well trained and experienced. The best thing is that we can fix damages caused by the natural disasters that may arise during our time of work, such as Earth quakes, lightning among others.

Without good communication, roofing installation or repair may be unsatisfactory to the customer. Our team of professionals will inspect and assess the repair or installation needs. They will then discuss all the problems with the customer to make sure that he/she understands everything. They will then present a solution to the customer as well as any other available options for the customer choice. We always inform our progress to the customer to ensure that they are satisfied. The supervisor will inspect the work after completion and write a report. A copy of the report is given to the customer to see.

Down Payment
At Reiter Roofing, we do not ask for a huge down payment before we begin the project. We feel that it is reasonable that payments be done on completion schedule. We always base our final payment on the work being completed, inspected, as well as passed. Our services are affordable but of high quality.

We have dealt with different roofs that had different challenges and our customers have never been disappointed. Hire a roofing company, which is licensed as well as insured and guarantees you reasonably priced solutions delivered by qualified professionals. Call Reiter Roofing Inc. roofing contractors today and enjoy such benefits and much more.