Roof replacement is something that will probably happen many years after the construction of your home. However, it can still become necessary even on relatively new houses due to natural calamities, need to upgrade to better, or poor workmanship on the roof. When this happens you will need the philadelphia roofing contractors to finish the job as fast as possible. The fact that you will have to find alternative accommodation during the period that the work will be going on or due to other inconveniences that come with the work will require the job done fast.

The amount of time taken will dependent on several things. So what are some of these things?

· Technical capabilities-
If the contractors are well trained on the job then they are likely to finish the job faster. Roofing is not a talent job and due to this fact it requires some formal training for one to be able to perform it. This training is what determines the technical capabilities of the contractors. The better the level of training the better they are at the job and so the faster you can expect them to finish the job.

· Experience
-Besides from technical capability, experience also defines how good roofing contractors will be at the job. A contractor who has been replacing roofs for the last few decades cannot be compared to a newbie on the job and so he will probably complete the roof replacement faster than the newbie even if they have the same level of training. Through his work the contractor will come through many challenges and so he will be forced to come up with ways to handle them. It is through this that he will get better at the job.

· Availability of materials
-Roofs are made from different types of materials including some, which are imported. In such a case if you would wish to replace your roof with the same material you had used initially then you will be forced to wait for the arrival of the shipment. This will delay contractors work and so he will end up taking more time than he would have if he was using locally sourced materials for the replacement.

· Size and design of the roof
-The larger the size of the roof the longer it will take the contractor to replace the roof. Replacing the roof of a two bed roomed house is very different from replacing the roof of an eight bedroom mansion. No matter how skilled the roofing contractors may be, the work load in the later case is a lot and so it will definitely take them longer. Roofs are designed in different manners and some designs may be very complex and so the contractors will have to take some time from the job to first plan how they are going to work on the roof. In order to retain the original design the roofing contractor will also need to do the work gently in order not to mess things up. All this will add to the total amount of time they will spend on the project.

The above are just some of the reasons that will influence the amount of time that roofing contractors will take to replace a roof. There are still many other factors for example unfavorable weather.