Good roofing in Philadelphia is ideal in keeping your home secure and dry because of the rainy and dump weather. Therefore, choosing an appropriate roofing company from the many Philadelphia Roofing Companies is essential. Here are some important tips to consider while choosing the right roofers :

1. Recommendations- Ask family, friends, neighbors, coworkers and acquaintances. This will help you to find out if they know any professional contractors from their individual experiences.

2. Testimonials – They are important in determining whether a business provides quality services to its clients. This will help you in choosing just the right roofing companies.

3. Insurance- Always ask for a General Liability Insurance Policy from the contractor you are aspiring to hire. This will cushion you during cases of property damage and accidents.

4. Experience- Choose contractors with over three years of experience because such contractors understand each and every aspect of roofing.

5. Ask your local home improvement stores, municipal inspector and local real estate agents for referrals.

6. Go for local Roofers- This is because they understand the local weather conditions at your area. Therefore they will fix the roofing in an appropriate way that will withstand those weather conditions.


Reiter Roofing Inc have been professionally repairing and installing roofs in Philadelphia for 20 years. This roofing company is licensed and fully insured. In addition, Reiter Roofing has expanded its services to include custom metal work and exterior carpentry. Products and services offered by Reiter Roofing include:-

Installation, Repair and Replacement of :-

-Rubber Roofs

-Shingle roofs

-Flat roofs

-Sister joists

-Vinyl siding

-Historic Restoration and Millwork

-Skylights/ Gutter System.

-Custom Bent Capping

-Custom Bent Metal

-Roof Decking

-Fascia Board and Barge Board Repairs

-Exterior Carpentry Work

-Sheet Metal Work

-Metal and Wood Cornice Repairs

-Slate Repairs and Restoration.

-Beam/Rafter Repairs


1. They minimize the risk of injury to family members.

2. They use good quality materials because of their vast experience.

3. They prevent further damage that may be caused when a non-professional inspects the roof.

4. They use advanced technology to evaluate existing problems accurately with high precision.

5. They are insured against the accidental damage of roofs therefore guaranteeing you safety in case of damages.

6.They offer free advice and evaluation.

7. They offer emergency repair loans.


Immediately you identify a leakage from the roof, look for the damaged or curled shingles. This should be done from the top of the roof as someone else looks from the inside as you pour water on the affected spots. If the fault cannot be identified, it is advisable to call a professional for instance Reiter Roofing Contractors.

If the shingle is curled slightly, simply straighten it gently to avoid damaging it completely. The shingle is then reattached using a generous amount of asphalt cement. Ensure exposed ends and cracks are filled. If it is missing or broken, ensure you replace the whole piece. Remove the old shingle by removing any leftover roofing cement and nail. The shingle is forced to fit by rounding the back corners with a sharp knife. After the shingles have been accurately aligned to fit the adjacent shingles, all the eight nails can be replaced. The nails are then covered with nail cement to securely hold them in place.


Reiter Roofing is definitely the leading among Philadelphia Roofing Companies because of its commitment to keeping their customers fully satisfied with every job that they do no matter how big or small the work is. Call them today on 215-335-9999 and share your roofing challenge with them. I promise you won’t regret it.