Repair of a roof leak is a critical step following a storm. If not prevented, such damages would result into deterioration and roof repairs would best be done by roofing Philadelphia professionals. However, it is also quintessential to spot the source of the leakage. This can be done once the roof is dry so you can figure out the real cause.Tarping the RoofTarping the roof is the next best time to be done post a storm. This is the best option in comparison to rebuilding of a roof. Tarping or covering the roof will cease any further damage to the roof. However, it is important to note that Tarping is an after the storm emergency roof repair option for a leak. It is to be followed only when no professional help is available immediately. If you do not have extensive leakage issue and can wait till some professional help is called, do so. Tarping is usual only when you are set for another miserable weather and need quick and preventive fixing to your roof. However, any sort of assistance or professional help is quite sensible and advisable.Creating a PatchCheck the crevices where the leak has initiated. Once you figure this out you can make a patch as an after storm emergency roof repair option for a leak. You will need a putty knife with which you can spread the roof patch on to the hole. You enough amount of material so that it covers up the crevices.Damaged ShingleIf you find that the reason for the leak is a damaged shingle, you simply need to slide another metal sheet. Wait till the roof is completely dry and then slide a fresh sheet of metal right under the damaged area of the shingle. Although this is a temporary solution, it can work wonders for you.ConclusionThere can be many other reasons for a roof leak like broken or misplaced tiles, roof indentations and gone astray missing metal panels on the roof. All these are a consequence of the storm. Leakage in the roof can be quite stressing and disappointing. If you do not wish to cause permanent damage to your roof and avail high costs of placing a new roof, it always sensible to take the help of a professional like Reiter Roofing. After storm emergency roof repair options are all temporary fixes. Seek the advice of a professional service providers instead of completely ruining you wall and costing yourself a fortune.