Choosing the right roofing company is important in Philadelphia. Anyone who lives in Philadelphia knows of its damp and rainy weather, and knows that good roofing is essential to keeping one’s home dry and secure. To be sure, there are so many roofing contractors to choose from in the area; but choosing the best roofers in Philadelphia takes some thought and diligence. Here are 7 tips for finding roofers in Philadelphia

1. The first and perhaps most obvious tip for finding a good roofing professional in Philadelphia is to ask family, friends and acquaintances. Talking about home repairs with friends is a good way to find out if they know any professional contractors from their own personal experiences. You may even ask your coworkers or neighbors, as they too may have had to use a roofer in the past and can thus offer some advice on a how to find a professional contractor.

2. You can ask your local home improvement stores or local real estate agents for referrals. You can also call the municipal office and ask for the roofing inspector. It’s his job to check roofing work so he’ll probably know a name or two when it comes to good contractors.

3. Check companies roof warranties. Roof replacement and repair might be expensive, so it is wise to select a contractor that gives warranties to the work done. Professional roofers in Philadelphia usually offer full warranties on new roofs or roof replacements, but they might not exactly on repairs. Always get a copy of your own warranty when the effort is done.

4. Customer service is also vital to good roofing work. Choosing the best roofing contractor in Philadelphia means selecting the one with a proven record of delivering excellent customer service. You are a busy person. You don’t have time to chase down roofing contractors for work that they agreed to do. You want to work with a roofing contractor who is courteous, reliable, and efficient. You also want a contractor who will be respectful of your home and property. Roofing contractors should deliver full service, including any debris clean up and damage repair associated with the job. These are basic courtesies, and they are the hallmark of the truly dedicated and professional roofer.

5. Always check into a contractor or company before hiring them. You can use the Business Bureau for companies that are registered, or you can use third-party review websites that allow customers to rate and review their contractors, including those that work on roofs. Read as many reviews as you can, but keep in mind that there will almost always be someone who was unhappy with a job done. Some clients are impossible to please, while others may have had unforeseen circumstances surrounding the job, like a weather event, that they unfairly blamed on the roofers. The best thing is to look at all reviews, and take them as a big picture, when making your choice.

6. Always read the roofing contract thoroughly before you sign it. Ensure that you understand all of the terms it uses. Do not accept spoken promises or guarantees. They need to be in the contract before you sign it. It’s easy to misinterpret something that is spoken, but not something that is written down that you can refer to later. Always ensure that you are given a copy of the contract after you sign it, and hang on to this for your records during the process.

7. Never pay the full amount for the roofing job before it is completed. Paying around a third when you sign the contract is customary and usually safe, but if you pay in full, you are at risk of being scammed. The contractor may take off with your money without completing the job, or may do a shoddy job. Because you do not owe them any money, they have no reason to return and fix the job, other than protecting their reputation. Make sure you do not pay the full amount until you are completely happy with the job they have done.

In conclusion, with these tips, finding the best roofers in Philadelphia can be done with minimal stress, and you will be able to feel confident that you have found a solid company or contractor who will do your job well. Take your time before you sign, and you will be pleased with the results.