It is everybody’s desire to have an overhead roof which is safe. A roof doesn’t only help the inhabitants from bad and unfriendly weather; it also ensures that the valuables inside the house are safe and secured. So, it is imperative to ensure that your roof is being maintained properly. In order to ensure that your roof is in a good shape, you need to carry out inspections on a regular basis and look out for the signs of wear and tear. There would be a phase, beyond which you won’t be able to continue with the existing structure. You will have to replace it. Check out 7 signs that indicate that it’s time to replace your roof and also how to identify them. In this case roof leak repair philadelphia becomes a necessity.

How to Identify Faults in Your Roof? 

Usually, people don’t tend to pay much of attention to their roof. In order to ensure that your roof is in a proper shape and in order to identify signs of damage; which is likely to occur over a period of time, you need to make a habit of inspecting the roof on a regular basis. This would help you to identify any faults, well in advance, and take measures to repair them; before it escalates to a serious situation. By doing so, you not only protect your roof from getting damaged severely, but also you save yourself a lot of money. Schedule your roof inspection and have peace of mind.

What are the Signs You Should be Look For?

You need to inspect your roof at least twice, every year. This allows you to figure out any abnormality that might have developed. The right place for you to start your inspection is inside your house. The attic would be the ideal place. At the attic, you should be looking for certain things, which are:

· Signs of water damage or leakage: This is the most common sign of a damaged roof. See if you can trace any signs or water leakage. For this, you need look throughout the length and breadth of the perimeter. If the water is getting leaked, then you will find damp spots that are quite easy to identify.

· Sagging decks: This is another important area. Look out for the marks of water or signs of moisture. If you find this sign, be very sure that it’s time that you should replace your roof.

· Outside light: This is perhaps easiest to recognize. Turn off the attic light and see if you can find any traces of outside light getting penetrated through. If you find signs of outside light that would mean that there are weak spots on the roof and a roof replacement is required.

· Dark spots and trails: If water is leaking through the roof, then you are most likely to see dark spots and trails. This is a warning sign; water can weaken the construction of your roof. Roof replacement is inevitable.

· Sagging Ceiling: A sagging ceiling points towards leakage and water that is getting accumulated inside. So, it is wise to replace such a roof as early as possible.

· Rusted Nails: If you find the nails being rusted, that is a clear indication of water leakage. And such a roof with rusted nails and water leakage is not at safe for a house and the inhabitants.

· Wet Wood: It is needless to say that a constant leakage of water will wet the woods. So, it is an obvious sign that it’s time that your roof must be replaced.

So, in the end it can be safely concluded that signs of water leakage is what you should be predominantly looking for to find out whether it’s time for your roof replacement, as water leakage is directly linked to the damaged roof. These above mentioned 7 signs are clear indications that it’s time for roof replacement.