Summertime in Philadelphia brings extreme heat to rooftops all across the city, causing extensive damage to the material composition of the roof.  For this reason, it is necessary to have bi-yearly inspections to ensure that your roofing philadelphia is in the best condition possible.In addition, thermal shock, caused by the fluctuation of temperatures from hot to cold, also has devastating effects on the quality of the structure.  This usually happens when the cold summer rain falls on rooftops that have be precedently scorched with intense UV rays.  Similar to thermal shock, improper ventilation of the attic can increase the moisture on the roof causing mold growth and rotting wood, requiring an expensive and costly replacement for the homeowner.It is recommended by experienced roofers the following steps be taken annually to properly care for your roof: 1)     Sealing and coating the roof to protect against harmful UV rays that can cause damage2)     Installing vapor barriers that decrease moisture3)     Changing your roof from an asphalt material to a cooler, more reflective material like tile or PVC4)     Painting your roof white to cool the surface5)     Apply periodic acrylic coatings to sustain your roof from thermal shock6)     Take a proactive approach to repairs and maintenance (essentially stay ahead of the game)7)     Consider changing your roofing to a green material, like recycled tires, when the time comes to replace your roof.To begin with, sealing and coating the roof preserves the material, creating a durable environment that can withstand the heat for longer periods of time.  The type of sealant you choose depends on the material that the roof is comprised of, but most of the time, roofing professionals recommend using an asphalt based sealant.Installing vapor barriers is another necessary step in protecting the quality of your roof.  The vapor barriers keep the moisture at a minimum by cooling the surface area, therefore, decreasing condensation.Likewise, replacing your roof with a more reflective type material, like tile or pvc, will lessen the heat to a more sustainable temperature.  This will add to the permanence of your roof, consequently, extending the life of your whole house.Another simple task that will aid in the protection of the structure is to, simply, paint the surface white.  The change from asphalt black to a painted white will cool the surface temperatures, as well.Moreover, professionals also urge the application of periodic coats of acrylic that will protect your roof from thermal shock, which is one of the biggest problems encountered in roofing today.Furthermore, you must always remember to take a proactive approach by using prevention techniques, like scheduled inspections, to ensure that problems do not arise.Finally, with all of the pollution in today’s society, consider changing your roof to a more green material, like recycled tires.  The rubber consistency is virtually indestructible and will outlast virtually all other roofing materials.  Following these tips will help endure the longevity of your structure. Providing you and your family with a safe and dry place to call home for many years to come thanks to Reiter Roofing, Philadelphia’s favorite roofing company.