Dear Reiter Roofing,

My experiences with contractors in the past have been what I would call, less than ideal. So when I needed a roofer to fix the leak that had developed over eight year old bedroom, I was dreading the prospect of having to wade through a sea of, what I thought would be, unprofessional roofing contractors.

Fortunately for me, I decided to ask a neighbor if they could recommend someone. As it turns out, they recommended Reiter Roofing who, incidentally, had done work for two other neighbors on my block. I was a pleasure doing business with this company from start to finish. When I called, they were very friendly. The estimator made sure that he thoroughly explained all aspects of the work that was needed. They made the whole process very easy. I will definitely refer Reiter Roofing to anyone who has a roofing problem.

Sincerely Yours
6xxx Musgrave St

We found ourselves with a sudden and bad leak in a church building used by many different groups. The water was coming into a bathroom, rendering the building unsafe with the resulting slippery floor. Diagnosis: a complete and large new flat roof with some rebuilding required, and some creative flashing challenges. The roof is large, the size of a gymnasium. It seems the roof had been leaking in multiple locations but had not penetrated ceilings in other places. It was bad! We asked for and received three quotes from three companies. Our property committee was impressed with Mr. Reiter's solution to some difficult flashing challenges, and with the detailed pictures he provided as a part of his estimate. We were also impressed with his rationale for why replacing the entire roof was unnecessary, which, of course, would save us a great deal of money.

Mr. Reiter answered promptly and began the work the very next day. As we had a significant leak in a church building with many acitivities going on, this was a big relief. Overnight he was able to arrange for sufficient materials, including some custom made pieces, which were ready for installation early the next morning after our call. He assembled a sizeable crew and the job was completed in two days. There was really no interruption to activites at the church during the work. The workmanship was excellent. We also have the option of extending the warranty to fifteen years if we have the roof inspected and spot repairs made several times in the next ten years.

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