Roofer Simi Valley

Roofer Simi Valley

When people think of a roof or roofing service, they tend to simplify it by just imagining someone nailing down some shingles. With A1 American Roofing, you can enter the whole experience of dealing with a professional contractor and specialist that will give you the best technology and take care of every maintenance detail for it to last through time and rough weather conditions. Not only do we offer you a varied list of services that range from inspection, restoration, maintenance, repairs, gutters, and all types of insulation, but we do so with a five-star quality of customer service. 

With all of this said, even though we are part of the best roofers in Hollywood, La, we can understand that you might be doubtful of the purpose of a professional roofer. That is why we will submit a list of the pros and cons of hiring a professional roofer, so later on, you can see which side you relate to best. 


  • Like any house renovation, it’s an expense. Even though we manage the best prices in Hollywood, California, with multiple payment options and all types of materials for you to choose from quality and cost; you need to understand if that’s your priority. It will be an investment that lasts through the years, but if you are in a tight spot economically, or you don’t see yourself in the same location for the next few years, it might become a burden in your pocket. 
  • With whatever service you will summon us to help you with, it takes time and space. A renovation is, of course, more timely than a repair, and that depends entirely on the situation, but the location needs the space for a professional to come and work. If you are extremely busy requiring that specific space, we will find it very difficult to work in the same spot as you. You can always contact us, and we will try to seek an arrangement with you, but you need to have availability for a true change to be done with the best contractors. 
  • Our roof repair areas include Los Angeles, Pasadena, Santa Monica, and Santa Clarita, and our roof company areas only include the Santa Clarita area. If your location takes place in any other area, we cannot deliver our services there. 


  • You will have access to the latest technology and the most experienced contractors with you. If you are willing to make restoration for your home or workplace, it is always better to make one with quality materials that you love that will work through time. Any doubts, requests, or needs you have, we can find a solution for them. 
  • We manage all types of repair, restoration, inspection, and maintenance, so you can just relax and let us be in charge. If you decide to do so yourself, you may not only not solve the problem, but it might take a great number of times and damage the rest of your valuables. The problem can start as a leak that turns into a persistent problem, finishing in a fissure in your roof that is dangerous. Don’t risk being in danger. 
  • As A1 American Roofing, we have a 5-star customer service rating. You will be talking to a team of people at the service of your needs, making sure you are always comfortable, knowing the process and what needs to be done, and give you the answer to any question or inquiry you might have. With this, you can feel safe about the person that will come to your personal or workspace. 
  • This procedure takes time and space, but it will become an investment for your life and wellbeing. You can’t compare the peace of giving a few days, maybe a month vs. 20 years of a well-done, functional roof that looks good, has the latest technology, and resists any type of weather. 
  • We offer plenty of payment options, so you can take on this house renovation or repair. 

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Roofer Simi Valley