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A nebulizer refreshes the atmosphere of the garden or terrace during the summer. It emits micro-droplets of water that are welcome during the hottest days of the year. High or low pressure nebulizer, with base or tripod, multifunction, portable, with brass or plastic nozzles… We shed some light on the matter.

Nothing better than installing a garden misting device to protect you from the heat and make the most of your garden in summer. There are many types of misting to be able to cool you effectively. If you are going to buy a misting system online, you will have to take into account the following tips:

Where you want to put it

There are terrace foggers, mobile foggers that can be moved anywhere, fixed foggers, multifunction foggers and foggers for large spaces.

Type of material

Low pressure fogger, high pressure fogger, fogger with brass, stainless steel or plastic nozzles, number of nozzles or nozzles, anti-drip system and timer.

Type of nebulizers

Combination of fan and nebulizer. In addition, there are different types of nebulizers that adapt to the characteristics of the space where it will be installed.

All fogger models can be connected to an automatic programmer, which works in a similar way to irrigation programmers. With this device, you will be able to set the lack of misting and the time the system will be in operation.

Terrace Fogger

The terrace misting device is installed along the terrace roof or railings.

This easy-to-use device connects to an irrigation hose or directly to an outdoor faucet. It can be of different lengths and can reach up to 15 meters, so that the entire terrace can be covered.

Some models allow to add different sections to be able to refresh wide spaces.

This economical system, due to its low water consumption, emits a fine and fresh mist that reduces the ambient temperature without wetting.

Base or portable fogger

The base-mounted fogger is an easy to set up and move device that, as the name implies, is mounted on a base or tripod and releases micro-droplets around it. It is less directional than other models but still cools the space around it.

Flexible nebulizer

This nebulizer, called multifunctional because it can also be used as a garden shower, comes installed on a structure that you can use to refresh yourself or take a shower. It can measure up to two meters approximately.

The multifunction nebulizer is very easy to install: as with other nebulizers, just connect it to a faucet or an outdoor watering hose. The weight of the base ensures the stability of this device.

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Misting Fan Outdoor