Reliable Roofers Fletcher NC

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Reliable Roofers Fletcher NC

Your roof is arguably the most important aspect of your house. Without a proper roof, it wouldn’t be much of a house at all. You would be vulnerable to any type of weather and much more. If you are hoping to find reliable roofers in Fletcher, North Carolina, Go Metal may just be what you are looking for. Their roofs are made to order and you won’t have to deal with the hassle of a middleman. Without a middleman, Go Metal is able to offer its customers competitive pricing. Since roofs are made to order, they can also promise delivery within twenty-four hours.

What Kind of Roofs Do They Have?

Go Metal specializes in metal roofs. They are easier to install, quite durable, and tend to last longer than other roofing materials. There are a couple of advantages to going with a metal roof option.

They Are Safer

For the most part, metal roofs are safer than other roofs. They can withstand more, especially when it comes to bad weather. Should a tree limb, or other heavy objects, fall on a metal roof it will hardly do any damage. In addition, if there is a fire in your house, a metal roof will not ignite the way that other roofs might. This can minimize the damage a house fire is likely to cause.

They Save Energy

Metal roofs are also more energy-efficient than other roofs. Traditional roofing material, such as asphalt with absorb solar heat, whereas, metal roofs actually reflect it. Thanks to this, a metal roof can save you on cooling costs. Cooling costs tend to be anywhere from ten to twenty percent less than normal after switching out an asphalt roof with a metal one. The materials that Go Metal uses for their roofs are Energy Star Certified, which means they are made with the idea of saving on cooling costs in mind.

They Are Environmentally Friendly

Metal roofs are made completely of recycled materials, and they can even be recycled themselves when you no longer need them. As for asphalt roofs, they cannot be reused or recycled at all. Every year, asphalt from roofs contributes to about one billion pounds of waste found in landfills. This makes metal roofs the more environmentally friendly option by a long shot.

What Does Go Metal Do?

Go Metal is able to make your desired roof in several different colors, and they can deliver it in up to twenty-four hours. Since they cut out the middle man, you will end up paying less than you would if you went through a different company. They produce the metals and trims on their own, which means they are able to provide the highest quality possible. If you go to their website, you can use the color picker to see how your dream color will look on your house. All of their paint comes from Valspar, and it is made to be rust-resistant and protect roofs from fading and corrosion. Go Metal can be contacted by the number on their website, or through the contact form.

Reliable Roofers Fletcher NC
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